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OHP dental coverage for undocumented children and teens

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A: OHP Now Covers Me! is Oregon’s program to get health care insurance—the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)—to all children and teens in the state, regardless of immigration status. It includes physical, dental and behavioral health care. All covered services are free. To learn more about covered services go to

A: State law prohibits the sharing of membership and care data from this state program with federal immigration officials, and CareOregon is committed to this as well.

A: The Oregon Health Authority started the program Jan. 1, 2018. Participants now receive health care through the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) in their area that administers OHP. CCOs help you get your providers, medications and other health care services.

A: All children under the age of 19 (including pregnant people) who do not have legal residence and live in Oregon households with income level up to and including 305 percent of the Federal Poverty Level ($76,555 per year for a family of four). That would be about 17,000 young people in the state.

A: If you have a child who fits the eligibility criteria, you should sign up through the Oregon Health Plan. You can go online or call by phone: 800‐699‐9075 or 711 for TTY. Families of children who are already enrolled under CAWEM need to call OHP Client Services Unit at 800‐273‐0557. There are community organizations certified to help. You can find them at,

A: The program covers the same physical, behavioral, and dental care services as the OHP Plus Medicaid plan. For example, check-ups, dental care, glasses, and prescriptions. It also covers lab tests, x-rays, hospital care, language interpreters at appointments, rides to and from the dentist’s office, and transportation to other health-related spots. You can see all the benefits in the Oregon Health Plan Handbook.

You can get the Oregon Health Plan Handbook in other languages, large print, braille or a format you prefer free of charge by contacting Oregon Health Plan Client Services,, 1-800-273-0557 or 711.

A: The dental plan your child has been assigned to can help find a dentist who is accepting new patients. You can ask for one that meets your needs, such as being located close to you or having a bilingual staff. If you have CareOregon Dental as your dental plan, you can search for a dentist on our website.

A:  It is funded entirely by the state, not by federal Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The benefits are the same as Medicaid, but it’s not a Medicaid plan. Medicaid plans are funded by both the state and federal governments. They are only for legal residents. OHP Now Covers Me! is paid for entirely by the state and can cover all who meet the age and income limits, regardless of immigration status.

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