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CareOregon Health Plans and BetterDoctor are Making Directory Accuracy a Priority

Jun 28, 2022, 07:01 AM
CareOregon Health Plans and BetterDoctor are Making Directory Accuracy a Priority

CareOregon Dental and BetterDoctor are working together to ensure the accuracy of your information in our provider directory

BetterDoctor may contact your practice by fax, mail, email, and/or telephone to request a review once a quarter.

Some common changes you may need to make include:

  • Practitioners no longer at the office
  • Practitioners not accepting new patients
  • Phone or fax number is incorrect or disconnected

For more information about BetterDoctor’s collaboration with CareOregon, contact: or Provider Customer Service at 1-503-416-4100 or 1-800-224-4840. Press option 3 for provider.

For technical assistance with the BetterDoctor verification process, contact: or 1-844-668-2543 (7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT)

Why am I being asked to verify?

Outdated information confuses patients trying to access care.

How often will I be requested to review my information?

Four times a year, we'll request a review of your information. With BetterDoctor your quarterly update is shared with multiple insurance carriers. This reduces administrative burden to you.

What information do you need?

Any public information patients use to find care (specialty, address, phone numbers, and insurance network statuses).

What if no information has changed from last quarter?

Even if no information has changed, you must confirm our online information for your practice is correct each quarter.

What if I practice at multiple locations?

We receive specific locations and providers to contact. At this time, we cannot add additional locations. Contact us with questions about other locations.

Someone else should be receiving these notices. How do I update this information?

Contact or call 1-844-668-2543 to provide the correct contact information.

Sample correspondence:

Example of a form letter asking dental providers to verify their information