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Lauren Toothaker Operations and Quality Improvement Analyst

Jun 28, 2022, 07:00 AM

Lauren Toothaker Operations and Quality Improvement Analyst


CareOregon Dental is thrilled to welcome Lauren Toothaker to the team as our new Operations and Quality Improvement Analyst! She is here to work some numeric wizardry by analyzing performance in key clinical quality measures and functions.

Lauren is uniquely familiar with Oregon’s distinctive oral health landscape, as she was “born into it.” Her father is a dentist, and her mother a dental hygienist. “I’ve been surrounded by it my entire life, so it came really naturally to me. You pick up a lot from your family.”

Her background, partnered with her longtime passion for public health, perfectly overlapped to guide her career path. Since she is very logic driven, projects she managed gradually evolved to focus on numbers, data analysis and data visualization. “I love data, and this job offered me the opportunity to use it towards my passion.”

When she isn’t creating data magic, Lauren’s hobbies encompass “most of the things you’d expect from a typical Pacific Northwest native” (a native Portlander, as it were). She loves to hike, camp, and backpack most weekends (the Tillamook Forest is her favorite spot). She loves gardening “veggies and food-producing plants” then creating new recipes from her backyard haul.